Alvin Kamara returns to practice amid ongoing contract talks with Saints

The meeting is over Bartomeu - Jorge Messi Barça does not negotiate the departure of Leo

Jorge Messi and Josep Maria Bartomeu met this afternoon at the club’s facilities in Barcelona to discuss Leo’s future, in a meeting that lasted less than two hours and whose conclusion is what was expected : Barça he does not negotiate the exit of 10, as he has already stated publicly and internally, and the player’s position remains the same, that of leaving the club. Therefore the chess game continues. Nobody moves from his approach.The long-awaited meeting, which took place on the same day as the arrival of Jorge Messi, agent and father of the player, from Rosario , was also attended by Javier Bordas, a manager of the club closely linked to sports, and Rodrigo Messi, brother and also a crack advisor. However, the meeting points are very far. However, despite the discrepancy, there has been no tension in the meeting. In fact, they will remain in contact, so more conversations are not ruled out soon.Bartomeu clings to the fact that the release clause expired on June 10, therefore the player is not free and is expected to return to Koeman’s training that he has not yet presented. The president told him that they will not negotiate his departure with any club and under any circumstances, since Leo is the pillar of the project and has a contract. In fact, he insisted on the renewal for two seasons, which he had already raised a while ago. On the Argentine side, on the other hand, they refer to the sent burofax , in which Messi’s position is clear to leave Barça under the spirit of the clause, so he would leave free and free. In fact, the father already warned, in Cuatro, upon his arrival in Barcelonathat he saw “very difficult” for his son to continue at Barcelona .Therefore the game does not advance, both parties castled in their hitherto immovable positions. What will be next? The logical thing is that another meeting would take place to see if any of the parties agrees to reconsider their position and build bridges. Either Messi takes the step of speaking publicly to express everything that has been silent since 8-2 in Lisbon and the sending of the burofax, or Barça urges him under threat of a fine to join training or the player himself he goes to another club and the solution remains in the hands of ordinary justice, which is not likely because the legal intricacies are such that nobody ( Leo, Barça and the destination club) is interested in that route.The soap opera has already been eight days old. And those that remain. The burofax was sent on August 25, replicated by Barça arguing that the clause had already expired and that Leo was available for the 20-21 season. Since then, the player decided to be consistent with the burofax and not attend medical tests or training. From his side, confidence is maintained that the clause is legal and a judge would so rule, if necessary. But this legal loophole has not invited, as far as it is known, for any club to go after Leo, and there are not so many to go to, City on pole , PSG covered.At the Camp Nou , from where it slipped that if the problem was Bartomeu, he would resign so that Leo could stay , there is no news. Negotiating an exit is to end up being condemned with a social mass mainly against the Board and with a motion on the way ( although there is division in the board in this regard ). So, right now it is an absolute unknown how the equation will be solved. Game blocked, waiting for an ace up your sleeve … or a surrender.

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