Bartomeu’s Barça: the house of trouble

Bartomeu's Barça the house of trouble

TO In addition to the pass to the Champions semi-finals , Barça also left peace of mind in Lisbon . Barely a month after the debacle against Bayern , the Barça club lives installed in a mess house with cracks in the walls, holes in the floor and leaks in the ceiling: the motion of censure against Bartomeu , Setién’s demand for his settlement , Suárez’s trip to Italy , the little movement in the ups and downs , Messi’s burofax … So it is impossible to sleep peacefully one night.

The non-resignation of Bartomeu … and the motion of censureUnlike Piqué , the president of Barça did not offer his head after the humiliation against Bayern . Bartomeu refused to resign and called elections for March 2021 . “It is irresponsible to leave in this way. We believe that with our measure we will have a smoother transition. The easiest thing would have been to resign now , but we have to make decisions,” he told the club’s official television.In that same interview he also left a very popular phrase in recent days: ” We have a sports crisis, not an institutional one .” A month after that statement, the president faces a vote of no confidence . The promoters of the initiative have not only collected the 16,521 necessary signatures, but have also submitted up to 20,687 . The next steps lead to a referendum on the continuity of Bartomeu …Quique Setién’s settlementOne of the first decisions of the president culé after the debacle in Champions was the dismissal of Quique Setién and the hiring of Ronald Koeman . The tenant of the Camp Nou bench seemed one of the few closed fronts in Can Barça. Looked like. El Partidazo de Cope announced on Wednesday night that the Cantabrian coach had not signed his settlement . In other words, Koeman still cannot lead the Barça team in an official match .Setién has not remained silent. And his response has been harsh. In a statement, signed with his coaching staff, he denounced that it was not until yesterday that they announced their dismissal. One of the most surprising points is the one that refers to the work of its staff: “They told us, also yesterday, to our surprise, a” future relocation “to the club .” Until a few weeks ago, Barça coach has assured that he will file legal actions against his former team .Suárez’s trip to Italy and the lack of movements in the marketAnd in the midst of all the controversy between Setién’s settlement and the motion of censure against Bartomeu , Luis Suárez escaped to Italy this Thursday morning to take an exam to obtain the transalpine passport . He approved, by the way. His departure to Juventus is still alive, although his continuity at Barça is far from ruled out . “Here we respect the contracts and if Suárez stays in the end, he will be one of the squad ,” Koeman said after the friendly against Girona .”Some decisions were already made and others will be made . ” Bartomeu announced changes just after the clash against Bayern . However, a month has passed since then and the club has yet to announce any signings. The only official exit has been that of Ivan Rakitic , for just one and a half million euros . Nor is it expected to raise a much higher amount for the transfer of Arturo Vidal to Inter . And Barça needs to make money before going to the market, as Koeman confessed to Fox Sports : “I think we will do the season with the group we have now”. The battered culé economy turns the hiring of Lautaro Martínez , the desired forward to relieve Suárez , into a dream more than a reality .Messi’s burofaxA burofax made everyone in Barcelona panic. It was the means that Leo Messi chose to communicate to Barça his desire to leave the team of his life in this same market . From that moment on, a legal battle broke out between the player’s lawyers and the club to see which party was right in the conflict . The Argentine star was silent, although the noise around him was deafening.The position of the board was always clear: 700 million euros . An unaffordable figure, especially this summer. The disruption of the calendar due to the stoppage of the coronavirus ended up turning the balance against the Rosario. “The president always said that at the end of the season I could decide if I stayed or not and now they hold on to the fact that I didn’t say it before June 10 when it turns out that then we were competing for the League in the middle of the shitty virus”, he said in the Goal interview . The Argentine announced that he was staying, but he did not hesitate to shoot Bartomeu : ” He did not keep his word .” With everything that has happened in the last few hours, you will soon forget thatMessi wanted to leave Barça …

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