Counterattack of the Minister to Cristiano: “Being recognized does not authorize to be arrogant, disrespectful and lie”

Counterattack of the Minister to Cristiano Being recognized does not authorize to be arrogant, disrespectful and lie

Vincenzo Spadafora, Italian Sports Minister , assured this Friday that the fact that the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo is widely recognized does not authorize him to be “arrogant”, “disrespectful towards institutions” and to lie. He said it after the Portuguese striker, positive for coronavirus, defined as “totally false” the accusations received for allegedly breaching the health protocol.”The fact that some footballers are well known does not authorize them to be arrogant, disrespectful towards institutions and to lie. Moreover , when a person is well known they should have the responsibility to think and be an example,” said Spadafora in broadcast statements. by the Italian media. “I do not want to continue talking about this issue. I confirm what I said yesterday (for Thursday) about the abandonment of the hotel by some Juventus players, based on communications from the club to the ASL (Local Health Department) in Turin. No longer I am going to talk about it and I wish all the positives to recover soon, “he concluded. On Thursday, Spadafora pointed out that Cristiano violated the sanitary protocol of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) by joining the Portuguese national team on October 5, despite the fact that Juventus had an order to remain confined in the J Hotel after detecting positive coronavirus in club staff.Cristiano, who tested positive for coronavirus last Tuesday and returned to Turin on Wednesday in an ambulance plane, offered a direct on Instagram in which he defined those accusations as “totally false” and in which he assured that he respected the rules in accordance with the Juventus. “I returned from Portugal with a medical plane, I have not had contact with anyone . Everything was authorized. What is said is totally false. A man that I do not want to name says that I have not followed the protocol, but it is false,” said Cristiano, according to the Italian media.

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