Georgia’s 2021 Season Off to A Great Start

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Georgia's 2021 Season Off to A Great Start
Georgia’s victory over Cincinnati in the Peach Bowl capped off an up and down 2020 season, but at the same time built for a pivotal 2021 season
Georgia’s victory over Cincinnati in the Peach Bowl capped off an up and down 2020 season, but at the same time built for a pivotal 2021 season where the expectation is certainly national championship contention.
To start, the foundation this coaching staff has laid for next year’s team is exceptional. The Bulldogs had draft-eligible players fighting until the final whistle in a game that wasn’t going to do much on the scouting report for them. That tells you almost everything you should know.
Not only that, but the players have also developed a comradery together. They have learned how to win and lose together, how to come in day after day and be a college football player, the most important step towards being a national champion.
For another, and perhaps most importantly, Georgia has found itself a quarterback, which they haven’t been able to say much. Yes, quarterback JT Daniels has his weaknesses and wasn’t perfect against the Bearcats. He threw some questionable balls and still needs to work on some things for next season. However, he delivered on one of the biggest stages in college football. With 1:28 left in the football game, he led the Bulldogs down the field with smart, concise throws to set the Bulldogs up for a game-winning field goal try.
For another, Georgia has done an excellent job establishing the playmakers that they will need to make a push for the title next season. Wide receiver George Pickens has established that he is a superstar and among the country’s best wide receivers when he wants to be. The surrounding cast is also more than capable of making plays themselves: wide receivers Jermaine Burton, Kearis Jackson, Arian Smith, Marcus-Rosemy Jacksaint, and Dominick Blaylock are all game-breakers.
Running back Kendall Milton appears to be capable of taking over lead back duties next year if fellow back Zamir White declares for the NFL Draft. Milton is a bit more explosive than Zamir and is an apt receiver out of the backfield. He is the true mold of a three-down back and would be surrounded by backs James Cook, Kenny McIntosh, and Daijun Edwards.
The tight end room stands to get better and will receive new life with 2021 signee Brock Bowers entering the room and should prove dynamic.
As for the defense, that’s still yet to be determined depending on how the remaining of the NFL Draft declarations turn out. Jordan Davis, Azeez Ojulari, and Tyson Campbell still have decisions to make. And if they return, Georgia’s defense certainly looks to improve in 2021.

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