Jenna Jameson, ‘unable to walk,’ has Guillain-Barré Syndrome

Jenna Jameson, 'unable to walk,' has Guillain-Barré Syndrome

Jenna Jameson has offered an update on a medical condition that has her hospitalized in Hawaii.

The former adult film star posted on her verified Instagram Monday that she has gotten some answers about her diagnosis.
“I’m dealing with a little syndrome called Guillain-Barré Syndrome, so I’m working through that,” she said in the video. ” And I just wanted to let you know that I see all your DM’s and I appreciate it so much.”
Over the weekend, her partner, Lior Bitton, posted a video on Jameson’s account explaining that she was undergoing testing after throwing up a great deal for several weeks. A trip to the hospital and a CT scan didn’t reveal anything and she was sent home, he said.
But, according to Bitton, her conditioned worsened.
“Then she came back home and she couldn’t carry herself,” Bitton said in the video. “Her muscles in her legs were very weak, so she wasn’t able to walk to the bathroom. ”
He said he was having to carry her.
In her Instagram post, Jameson addressed speculation that getting vaccinated may have something to do with her health crisis.
“PS I did NOT get the jab or any jab,” she wrote in the caption of the video she posted. “This is NOT a reaction to the jab. Thank you for your concern.”

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