Jonathan Barnett: “We are talking to Madrid and Tottenham. It’s where Bale wants to be …”

Jonathan Barnett: We are talking to Madrid and Tottenham. Its where Bale wants to be ...

ANDhe future of Gareth Bale seems that, this time, he is increasingly far from Real Madrid. His agent, Jonathan Barnett , has admitted the contacts between the white club, Tottenham and the footballer to get the Welshman to return to Spurs: “We are talking … It’s where he wants to be. Bale still loves Tottenham,” he assured the representative speaking to the BBC.However, for the operation to come to fruition, Real Madrid should make an economic effort for the player to go to the Premier . And is that Tottenham can not afford to take over the entire record of the player. And more or less it happens to Manchester United, that once the signing of Sancho fell, they look for another player of that profile (they sound for Old Traford Perisic and Douglas Costa too). Barnett has always been very reluctant to a transfer, but it is a formula that right now cannot be ruled out, such as Madrid letting Bale go free and taking over part of the salary. What does seem clear is that Gareth Bale’s days at Real Madrid are numbered and that his future is in the Premier. Tottenham or Manchester United are the options and Spurs, from Barnett’s statements, seem the favorites.There are still 20 days until the market closes and there is plenty of time to close an operation that is not easy from the economic point of view, because Madrid does not want to pay for Bale to leave and because none of the teams in the Premier can take over the entire record of the player. Let’s remember that Tottenham’s best paid is his coach Jose Mourinho , who receives 18 million euros, just one more than the Welshman earns in the white team. The transfer formula is on the table although Barnett does not like it and Madrid neither, since the white team wants it is to get rid of a player who was key between 2103 and 2018 and who in the last two years has been go, with obvious lack of professionalism. The transfer is the best solution, although it would be at zero cost. That is also the idea of ​​Madrid, which is difficult to get something for a player that is amortized, but that should have a value if he had not been missing for two years.In the conversations between Real Madrid and Tottenham discovered by Barnett there is also the name of Sergio Reguilón. That may be the winning card that Madrid has to avoid losing too much in the Bale operation. Although they are different deals, the English club could give in to the buyback clause that Madrid wants with Reguilón in exchange for the white club making it easy for Bale.The Telegraph also assured that Tottenham wanted to put Dele Alli into the Bale operation , something that Madrid in principle would not accept, since he is not a player that he needs due to the demarcation in which he moves.

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