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Why You Coming Fast T Shirt

He’s trying lol, but no ones noticing him, he’s commenting on all of ferdis insta posts but don’t think anyone cares. Wow search for it on Instagram top one has 4 followers and 1 post woopy doo and second one has 51.1 k followers and no posts looks so interesting. If he shattered a vertebrae jamming his neck after a bike gets driven into his back, he’s supposed to be cool with it. Fuck that. Well, no fucking shit he didn’t do it on purpose, Jordan.

Why You Coming Fast T Shirt is available in all styles

Guys Why You Coming Fast T Shirt
Guys Why You Coming Fast T Shirt
Ladies Why You Coming Fast T Shirt
Ladies Why You Coming Fast T Shirt
Hoodie Why You Coming Fast T Shirt
Hoodie Why You Coming Fast T Shirt
Sweat Why You Coming Fast T Shirt
Sweat Why You Coming Fast T Shirt

Bottomline, though, is if you physically hurt someone, they might just yell at you. Oh lord forbid someone have an emotional reaction to injury that You caused. Suck it up and accept the fact that you fucked up, you damn child. Stuart Morrice He was venting after a bike went up his back, scaring the shit out of him and hurting him. Uh, he’s human – that’ll happen. Well, if you’re stupid enough to leave a tyre in the middle of the Why You Coming Fast T Shirt whilst changing a tyre on your car you sort of deserve it. He could have got way more angry about it, and justifiably so.

Why You Coming Fast T Shirt , Hoodie, Longsleeve Tee And Sweater For Men And Woman

I think a lot would want to end someone if they cycled/crashed into them like the helmet cam fuckwit. Cyclist shouldn’t have been on the pavement to be fair so the guy has every right to be angry whether it was an accident or not, if the cyclist was where he was supposed to be then it would have been avoided. If you look at the video, he did everything as best as he could to be safe haha, he had cones placed out, high vis jacket, a tidy work space and everything, and still gets whamied.

He actually was taking up half the walkway with the Why You Coming Fast T Shirt and spAre. Not sure if their is a bike lane in England but seems like the guy didn’t have enough space. Daniel Kilmartin its true though, he could have done nothing more to be more visable, safe etc. The law would have gave copious amounts of brownie points to him if someone tried to do him for something, i just think its brilliant, misfortune on a massive scale haha. Daniel Kilmartin yeah its brilliant, bet he never thought hed get that popular, its funny how he goes through nearly every emotion in the world in the space of 2 minutes.


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