The five differences that show that ‘Gary’ Bale is another player with Tottenham: resigns Wales, arrives early to train …

The five differences that show that 'Gary' Bale is another player with Tottenham: resigns Wales, arrives early to train ...

Gareth Bale is another player with Tottenham. The footballer that Mourinho has met has nothing to do with Zidane in the last year and a half. Day and night, which confirms that the Welsh player was not very happy in Madrid and that he was totally disconnected from the day and from his teammates …In London, Bale hopes to once again be the player who marveled at Madrid in his first seasons and give Tottenha back the trust they have placed in him with goals. He could debut this weekend against West Ham.1. Give up Wales for the first time in two yearsWhile when he played for Madrid he did not mind leaving for Wales despite coming out of an injury, with Tottenham he has had a left hand and has resigned from this last call to get ready for his debut with Spurs. Bale arrived injured at Tottenham, but he is already recovered and during the break he has worked normally under the orders of José Mourinho . In the last year, however, the opposite happened and he always went to the call of his team despite spending long periods without playing for the white team due to physical problems.

2. Be one of the first to trainThe English media report that Bale is very motivated with this adventure and that he is one of the first players to arrive at the Tottenham Sports City. At Madrid, especially in recent years, some of his teammates were surprised at how little time he spent in Valdebebas, being one of the last players to arrive and the first to leave. At the Tottenham Sports City he is spending many more hours, both training and being treated by the physios of the English club.

3. Much more communicativeBale is much looser in England and has already given three interviews in his first as a Tottenham player. The Welshman has acknowledged on Tottenham’s official website, on Sky Sports and on BT that “it is a dream to return” to the place he loves and that in Madrid he was not too “happy” in recent times due to his sporting situation.

4. More integrated with your peersAs happens when he is with his team mates, he also works with Tottenham with a smile on. Just yesterday, he was the star of the training session showing his teammates his basketball skills. Although he never had a problem with his teammates at Real Madrid, the relationship (except in a few cases) with his wardrobe colleagues was not entirely fluid and in fact he did not say goodbye when he left the club. He also didn’t usually go to team dinners.

5. The coach, dumped with himWhile Zidane already considered it impossible in his last stage at Madrid, José Mourinho is right now focused on Bale and his integration. In fact, she affectionately calls him Gary. The Portuguese knows that he is a decisive player if he is fit and happy and that is why he is pampering him to the fullest. Bale could make his debut this weekend against West Ham, although Mou prefers to remain in doubt. “The decisions that we are going to make will be for the good of the team and for the good of the player. The team is the most important thing and Gary … Gareth is here to help the team, as we are here to help him. It is very important that he is happy this season with us. “

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