The great winners of Barça de Koeman

The great winners of Barça de Koeman

Concluded the first friendly of the preseason for FC Barcelona, where Koeman’s debut could not have started in a better way: 3-1 in the electronic and first victory for the youngest . Although there are still several aspects to be polished within the coach’s tactical scheme – when it comes to using his troops – the truth is that we have been able to witness important details of players who will be key in the start of the new barça made in Koeman.


Carles alena

The Mataró midfielder showed that he has returned to FC Barcelona to stay, he has no intention of leaving his home again. After his assignment at Real Betis Balompie , the midfielder was firm on the field, generating play, chances and very present in each of the attacking plays. Aleña knows that if he wants to get, not only a place, but to be a clear option to take into account in the starting eleven, he must give everything in this year of transition that the club is going through.


Riqui Puig

The 21-year-old midfielder is undoubtedly one of Barça’s most valuable homegrown players . The one from Matadepera came out in the second half of the match and was literally one of the most active in attack. The young footballer stands out for a great overflow and agility , as well as a speed that leaves his rivals behind. The best example occurred in the 84th minute , where he just caught the ball and guided the offensive game to the edge of the area. There was no way to stop it, a ‘human motorcycle’.



There was a desire to see the brand new signing of the Barça team. The 17-year-old from Tenerife is one of the most exciting hires for the Barcelona fans. In today’s crash he was active, with claw and most importantly, without fear of failing. The winger stands out for a strong mentality and this was noticed during the game, constantly looking for his teammates and executing good plays, both in attack and defense.



Without a doubt one of the proper names to take into account in the current Barça. The 20-year-old Portuguese was the best in the second half, where he was unstoppable, not even with fouls they were able to stop to the extreme. The Portuguese starred in the best play of the match , when in the 77th minute he got involved in a dispute over the ball that he ended up winning, consequently followed by all the defenders of the Tarragona squad , leaving to be surrounded by four rivals – he dribbled to two. In addition, he linked a great aerial ball directly to Konrad’s feet , unfortunately the occasion – an assist that ended in a goal – was annulled by the referee.31 million transfers that taste very cheap .15999433377632

The vindictive tridentNot in the best of dreams would it have been expected that the most discussed would end up being the scorers of the night. Griezmann, Dembelé and Coutinho met again with the goal wearing the Barça elastic. Although it is true that two of the three goals went through the maximum penalty, it was observed how they really tried. Griezmann was present on the ground, participatory and leaving some detail; Dembelé did what he should do, assume an important role such as opening the scoring. Finally, the most outstanding and best of the three without a doubt was Coutinho . The Brazilian was comfortable, confident and trying to generate chances in a row, something that had been asked of him for too long.He scored the third goal with solvency and seems to seek to vindicate himself.

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